Our favourite things tell stories of wear and tear and joy.  I love to source and sew second hand textiles that have been passed on or passed over into new, joyous, favourite things for others.

I create for comfort and usefulness, and am fascinated by the intersection of domesticity and craft; of how art fits into our everyday lives.

Why fabric? Tactile work brings me deep joy and working with textiles connects me to my mother, who has been an avid seamstress throughout her life, and to my grandmother.  I fondly remember Grandma’s quilting bees with her church ladies in the basement of her otherwise mod 60’s house. Fabric connects us all; from our snuggly blankets to the layers with which we clothe ourselves.

I care about beauty in the everyday, cultivating thoughtfulness and understanding for our world and environment, and doing work that is aligned with my values as best I can.

I hope you enjoy my work and that it connects you with rich memories of your own.

To contact me with questions about my work, workshops, or upcoming shows, please email me: marnie.saskin@gmail.com

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