Skill sharing is part of what I love to do as an artisan, and I enjoy teaching a broad range of textile skills. My available workshops include:

Custom Quilt Workshop
Piece together memories! This workshop takes you from beginner sewing all the way to finished quilt.
Get together a group of willing hands to create a unique gift for any kind of celebration: birth, birthday, wedding, even a celebration of life.
You learn beginner sewing and strip piecing in the first session, I assemble the layers of the quilt, then we all tie the quilt together in the second session.

2 sessions approximately four hours long required
sewing machines, basic tools provided, fabric upon request
no sewing experience required
number of people depends on space (you provide space)
the set up of this workshop is flexible: I will do my best to develop sessions to suit your goals
please contact me to book, for fee details, or for more information :

More to come…